Flawless Laser & Med SpaMicrodermabrasion What Is A Microcurrent Facial

What Is A Microcurrent Facial?

There is a continual search for the best new anti-aging remedy. These days, microcurrent facials are all the rage. This aesthetic treatment employs the use of electrical currents to promote the renewal of skin cells. Despite appearances to the contrary, this procedure does not involve any incisions, needles, or painkillers. More than that? The good results from…

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Flawless Laser & Med SpaHydraFacial What Is A HydraFacial And Why You Should Get This In Winter

What Is A HydraFacial And Why You Should Get This In Winter?

Although winter is commonly associated with cozy sweaters, time spent with loved ones, and the celebration of the holiday season, the dry air of the season can negatively impact the impression of the skin. The cold air induces your blood vessels to tighten and slows down your heart rate. The decreased humidity can cause your…

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MicrocurrentFlawless Laser & Med Spa What is Microcurrent Used For Flawless Laser & Med Spa

What is Microcurrent Used For?

Microcurrent treatment is today’s facial treatment that uses low electrical currents, mimicking the body’s natural electrical currents. The technology behind this treatment re-educates facial muscles into shortening or lengthening based on the patient’s specific needs. Microcurrents aid in various ways: lifting sagging skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, lifting droopy eyelids, and…

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Oxygen TreatmentsFlawless Laser & Med Spa Oxygen Treatments

What is Special About Oxygen Treatments in SA Flawless Laser and Medspa?

Oxygen treatments might be the perfect fit for your skin concerns. Perfectly combined cocoa enzymes and oxygen Rx are the best for inflamed and acne-infested skin types. This procedure uses masks that contain natural antioxidants that give off that sweet cocoa aroma with today’s cocoa enzymes. All these aspects are designed and blended for the…

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